Sunday July 2 , N-Litter e.Inassicas Satellit u.Goldhunter's Hot Lips met for some puppytraining and playing with mother Carin



Two of the sisters playing and Bamse are looking after "intruders"

Goldhunter's Naughty Nessie

Boys , boys , boys..........

"Tiger" from Skara

Goldhunter's Nanny Fine "Nova"from Skövde

"Bamse Cardell" from Mariestad





Goldhunter's Macho Man "Mysak"

Goldhunter's Mitzy Bitchy "Cloie"

Goldhunter's Monty Pyton "Monty"

060118  three of  Ole and Callie's  puppies met for some tracking training and WOW they were so good at this that we will continue with more meetings like this.They were only 12 weeks old at the moment.